April 20, 2005


I know Kat Bjelland was never big on feminist identification during Babes in Toylands prime era, perhaps because the whole Foxcore/ who owns the Babydoll dress/defend yr identity shit was so large even from the understanders (ie. Everett True and Gina Arnold, para exemplo) -- but I am listening to Babes' Spanking Machine and To Mother albs, which were the first albums I heard, first band I ever saw which moved me to think "I cannot go another 4 minutes with out starting a band too. I want to be THIS THING too" -- but in retrospect, and to hold BIT up to the light of gender-heavy meta-analysis -- the songs are of lava-spitting victimization perspec. Kat's most actualized moments are screaming about how someone needs to stay away from her man ("He's my thing"), but other than that, it mostly bad shit being imparted unto her. Some is just bastard-blooz narrative of done-wrong, but... while I think I always thought, previously, that Kat's delivery was empowered rage - feminist fuck you that could not be contained, it's more like bitter panic from the basement of psychic prison screaming. It's a beggy thing, it's not licensed with it's (inchoate) power. What do you think? If you do not have the albums handy, you can go rip them off emusic.com, which now has the Twin Tone catalog. Lets discuss!

Secondly, Shayla's EMP photoflash is up for all to see . The pictures of the "my armpit" dance move is up. Shayla's polaroids she took made me realize that my inadvertent "ulcer weight loss plan" from last year has me (still) looking like a crack diet-era Richie Manic/strung out, and so I am totes eating wheels of cheese and drinking buttermilk for the rest of the summer to bulk up. None the less, totes pumped that a picture exists of me dancing with Drew, who is queer icon pin up city.

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