April 18, 2005


EMP is out for the summer, EMP's out 4-ever!
Musicnerdcon 05 is over and it was hot shit.
Came home 2.5 days early from Seattle, WA, due to a multitude of reasons, but mainly cos staying on longer would be like hanging out at Camp Tukawanda in your bunkbed for a couple days after everyone else has been shipped home. Plus Seattle still plays deathknell blooz in my ears . Also, though Joanie said she lived a mere 20 mins. via bus from EMP, she actually lives in a pretty house on the corner of The Sticks blvd. and Out In BFE ave., but fortunately, J-Shep's friend Bobbie Zhivago, who is the toiletries editor over at SELF, was in town for some shampoo expo, so we got to stay in her nice hotel room, slumber party style. While past EMPs and similar convening of the folks has wound up parlaying into 3 day long manic episodes, this one was not a rager in any sense, save for last night ( ok, not rager, J and I were asleep by 2am): Shayla, J Shep, Drew D, Franklin and a guy with a beard I did not know dropped in for 2 hours of step-aerobix at the Yo, Son! night, and watched blitzes of uprocking and I fended an ass-frottaging creep off my posterior by utilizing the proven-effective, "in-your-face" dance floor technique (not so much a dance) called "My Armpit" which Shayla got a picture of, for proof, which hopefully I will post here as useful instructional model for fending off unwanted grinding. Also, taught Franklin, Shayla and Drew "The Hungry Pony" - so that it can spread down the left coast.

My favorites of the conf: I got chills during Ned Sublette's hubba hubba presentationon New Orleans parade culture and jazz funerals and hip hop and the sex slave trade and growing up in a racist, small town in pre-civil rights Louisiana. Elijah Wald connected the dots and thralled with his paper on accordians, tubas, bumpin corrido, norteno rap, gangsterist chic in Tejano music culture. Mr Wald was also wearing a fancied-up cowboy shirt he made entirely himself, which, I thought was just as inspiring. Christgau's bit on The Coaster's, which started off about minstrelsry, but concluded with a line about his "first disquieting glimpse of vulva" was bizonkers. Drew Daniel's paper on the Germs movie was my pentultimate favorite in part because Drew did the best Darby Crash impression I have ever seen (after his panel, I asked him if he had a blog - he snapped with Dorothy Parker dryness "No, I have a dissertation."). Robert Fink's paper was totes academic, but subject matter and OTT enthusiasm combined with depth of knowledge conveyed really wowed me, and I liked watching him deconstruct symphonic samples used by both Dre and RZA. It made me want to go to school just so I could talk about inverted 7ths and phrase resolution like it was the new Amerie single. Justin Moyer "performed" a paper as Edie Sedgewick, his non El Gaupo/Supersystem solo-deal, which was so "is this funny or is he insulting everyone in the room for real" -- it was my "on principle" favorite, which drove about half the already dinner-time-dwindled audience out. Justin paced like Phil Donahue, talked in a terse instructional voice, in a silver mini dress and sheer black control top hose, a bad wig and horrible make up, and prefacing his paper talked about how success and being in the music industry can kill your heart, turn you into a zombie, and then pressed the microphone up to the chest of moderator and Presidents of The USA frontman Dave Dederere for proof " See, nothing!" said Justin. I was snorting like a pig laughing at the whole thing, Dave looked Justin had just called his mother the C-word. Justin then did a song at loud-as-it-will go volume, talked about how he was not ironic, hated on academia, and took issue with the non stop Dylan and Jimi loops and hawked t-shirts in the museum lobby. Julianne's paper, about how America wants Courtney Love to die was my favorite-favorite, if I have to pick, because she was fierce and firey and spoke truth to power and the dumb, mysogynisticly slanted questions and comments about C Love that came from both the audience and Charles Cross, Cobain biog and panel moderator, proved every idea in J Shep's paper correct.

I think my paper went dece. People laughed where I hoped they would. Christgau told me he liked it at the after reception. At least thats what I think he said, he had a crumbly mouthful of crackers and cheese going, and I was transfixed by his hot pink "DIVA" button on his shirt. I was not sure whether he was telling me my paper was riveting or that Lenny Kaye's book was, or whether he skipped my panel for Lenny Kaye's or vice versa. I did not ask for cracker-free clarification, and I resisted temptation to ask what was so particularly disquieting about the aformentioned "glimpse of vulva", I just nodded and scarfed mini-toasts like it was manna fresh off the desert rocks.

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