April 13, 2005


Anyone in Seattle know where I can get a red bow tie? Like a thrift store or a cocktail waitress outfit supply store? I get in tomorrow and need it by the time I get dressed Saturday morning. Bowtie tip line hollaback!

There is way too much going out aside from Nerdfest05: A meeting of the minds in the shiny Jellybean aka EMP PopCon. Nedelle show. Atmosphere show. El Toro Djing. Kylee Swenson DJing. Some event that was describe as "the bumpin lesbo dance night". The GirlGroup post plenary meet n greet aka all 11 women rock critics in America in one bar room . Drew Daniels is djing. Dave Thomas from Pere Ubu is doing something but there is no way I am going because dude is an asshole. (I interviewed him once, which too all my courage because Pere Ubu Dub Housing is the record I used to lay face down on my floor and listen to with the lights off , when i was 16 and sneaking back in after summer nights to hang out with a dude who was pretending he was my boyfriend, and I would put Side A on repeat til dawn, lost in "Navvy" and I felt like a grown up in my own secret world, rather than a kid stuck in everyone elses . So, again, in 1995 DT was so rude to me when we were interviewing that I cried. I know I write about how I cry all the time, but it's like gods mystical creations and news reports of kids dying that makes me tear up. I am a tuffy, I got bitch skin -- asshole dudes in bands and strangers - they do not make me cry but, Dave Thomas made me cry and that was like, almost 10 years ago and I am planning on holding it against him the entire conference.).

Julianne and I are both staying with our friend Joan and Ben ( not to be confused with "Ellen and Ben" . Ben just got back from making a record, and so him and Joan are going on some romantic getaway furr the weekend, and I think they think we're on some Lake Havasu beer bong shit, rather than straightedgers at an academic conference, cos they made us promise twice not to have any parties, and urged us to resist the temptation to party while they are out. Dude, not to snap on the gender inequity inherent to NerdFest, but J-Shep and I went to a party first EMP, and the only chicks there were me and JShep and Ann Powers. And about 60 dude-crits having snark n' snacks. It was like a real time ILM. Anyhow, in case yr wondering where the party is at, I hear Bob Christgau is going to be hosting a roundtable on "the crisis of imagination as embodied in the work of Shania Twain" from the hot tub in his suite after the opening reception - so bring yr bikini!

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