April 07, 2005


Listen, if you wanna party with the mosdounkuliss, here's where we be:

1. Lowrider Parade and Hop Contest at the Speedway - it's off 55 by the airport. Daddy Yankee is hosting but not performing. Booloo Master is DJing.

2. Booze Party / Count Dickula show at "the Cardboard House" which is above Mingles, at 197th & Pulaski, which, technically, is in Gary, IN. Count Dickula ia Mario Rubacaba's solo drumming/rap thing, and BoozeParty is 3/4ths of The SleepingBaggz and Buffy "Spensive" Spencer.

3. Miles is DJing The Decemberist's Afterparty at the Guild Hall of The Oak Room at like 2 or something super late. It's sponsored by Sophia Coppola's weird champagne in a can thing, so if you are curious what that tastes like, please show up.

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