April 07, 2005


Chicago: My Dinosaur tome is out in the Reader today, so make sure to pick it up when you hit the liquor store for your weekend stock of Alize later.

Got a whopping four hours sleep, between the 2am asshat manuever on the computer where I put 5,000 songs from itunes into the trash (getting fixed), the 3 am crying jag over further contemplation of the new news that my baby sis is moving Hong Kong in two months to live with my other baby sis, and that's too far away to be from your baby sisses. 3:30 am "take my mind off of things" viewing of Frontline (WHAT?!), which opened with a dad saying Kaddish over the body of his dead baby daughter (more crying) , the 4:21 am phone call from Julianne from LaGaurdia airport that the airline had not processed the ticket I bought for her to come here (resolved, en route), the 4:45am "fuck it, I am awake, I might as well finish writing this press release" followed by 5 am "fuck it, I am still awake" viewing of Antiques Roadshow, which I love for it's Nembutal-like effect. I woke up at 9:15 to PBS still on, to the little Bearenstein Bears on a fucking fishing trip, hating life. I fucking hate those little bears.

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