April 06, 2005


I must 'fess. I am way 3000 too midwestern to really care all that much about Gawker or whatever super savvy NY intellectual media site with gossip and mocking I forgot to keep up on in the first place. But yet, because sometimes I must absolutely stall another 12 minutes before doing work and must visit funny digest sites -- and so I visit Nervous Acid the site of one Mr. Norman Arenas. Norman was the first person I know who dropped full-on out of hardcore/punk/eem-scene and went techno-dj on us. Which I applaud, because really, in case you did not read Andy Greenwald's eem book, Norm himself was the bridge between hardcore and post-hardcore what became emo, and his name was whispered with reverence in those circles. He did THE most influential punk/post-hardcore zine of all time, Anti-matter, and then went on to play guitar in Texas is The Reason, which became the template for every emo band you have complained about in the last 11 years. Norm went on to do other great things: like become my neighboor in Chicago for a few years, write for AP and Punk Planet and become Krishna. He is currently getting his real estate license in NY and blogging news updates about C-Murder and reminiscing about chicago house.

Secondly, Jeff Johnson's blog, is just so funny today , even when I have no idea what he is talking about. One day, we will steal Jeff Johnson away from Jane Magazine and he will become the Andy Rooney of our Hit it or Quit it team.

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