March 30, 2005


The MAYBE CHICAGO compilation (the answer record to NO NEW YORK and YES LA comps, 25 yrs after the fact) is so unbearably good, I can barely handle it. Punk rock how you like. Punk rock how everyone likes it. Criminal IQ is like the Dangerhouse of modern-age Chi-boogie. You can own the comp I speak of for 7.99 ON CD if you go here and scroll down to the right . Functional Blackouts, Tyrades (aka "the best live band in Chicago" - more on them later) and a half dozen more - all killer no filler. Twat Vibe could be super popular if their name was not so scary, they are fantastic... they sound like Tiger Trap as a drunk party band + The Waitresses (no sax). Sort of. I have listened to this about 11 times today, and it's been genius every time. 7.99 is a deal you cannot pass up. Not to be all Willy Lomax about it.

Secondly, we suggest you keep an eye on the Shit Sandwich label, which people keep saying is "the best label in Chicago" -- dude, you so want one of those shirts. Lady-run operation, to boot.

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