March 30, 2005


For the many, many adults of the world who missed Chicago Fest, I lived and died for your sins, and brought back proof:
blur municwaste copy.jpg
Municipal Waste. They had the biggest, scariest pit of the fest.
Anytime the pit allowed during opening bands ( who often had a weak or sporadic pit), this kid, who had taken the bus for 22 hours, down from Winnepeg, would get in the middle and start doing push-ups and sit ups, and making fun of the jockiness of it all.
Dbrowsing crowd.JPG
Stop paying import prices for Peruvian metalcore: shop at the Profane Existence distro booth!
The woman with the tattoed hands. And arms.
My favorite band of the fest: Condenada. Latino all-female feminist/queer band from Chicago's southside. The woman singing had a broken leg and was on a stool the whole set. With her glasses on, she is J-Shepherd's twinsicle. They did a Big Boys cover - in spanglish.
Hit Me Back!, Latino pride band that sounded like SOA. Note the gymnastics springboard on the stage, provided by the band, for the stagedivers ease.
blitzkreig jacket.JPG
This guy was standing in front of me about 11 hours a day all three days.
This is the band that made me go "fuck it, I'm leaving" on Sunday. Shortly after their roadie, unprompted told me that they had just driven 12 hours and "only stopped to shit". They are called THE FIRST STEP and they are from Albany c. 1988, and somehow managed to transport themselves into the future and play the fest. to wit:
"You know, we're a straight edge vegetarian band-"
(claps from audience of 150 straightedge vegans)
"And we get a lot of shit for that -"
( more claps)
Me: (incredulous, not really realizing I was saying this out loud) From who? WHO IS GIVING YOU SHIT?!"
"(addressing me) Well, like...uh...(fumbling) people that don't understand. (pause) This song is about having a higher taste. It's called "Higher Taste" - 1234!"
next song
"Some people, coming up in the scene in hardcore, they try to get a reputation, get know, by stealing, by getting in trouble. We don't think that's positive and we think that's no way to live. This song is called "No Way To Live" - 1234!"
These 4 french dudes would be hanging around, all normal, all day, then during the big bands, they would put on costumes and get in the pit.
The pit of Municipal Waste.
This is World Burns to Death. Thrice as scary as they look. They headlined Saturday. That singer guy, aged 35+, threatened to beat up the singer for 10th grader-aged Sat. openers Weekend Nachos, for inferring, from stage, that WBTD stole their merch table. The WBTD guy gave the kid the finger and screamed at him after Weekend Nachos played a 4 song set at 12:10 to roughly 11 people. The old dudes in hardcore, as a general rule: pervs sticking around for the chicks, or straight-up assholes who lord over all the little kids. They always look sunburned, smell like Bushmills and are talking about Iron Cross. Without fail.

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