March 29, 2005


I am prone to judgemental incredulousness, but you know, after spending the last three weeks rewiring my nervous circuitry trying to do and undo my un-understanding of the first three Dinosaur Jr albums, to spend hours on the phone with my editor editing, teasing out the love and turning my pockets inside out over their work, only to find out three hours later those motherfuckers are reuniting to play late night TV (link c/o SFJ). This makes me feel like I just fell for the "I'm sensitive/misunderstood" ploy the skeeziest boy in the school, and wound up with crabs and a Lowenbrau-fueled hangover.

Dear Dinosaur:
I am disgusted by your gross trick, this wack made-for-TV shenanigan that suddenly makes your re-issues seem nefarious. Please return to your marginal solo careers and ride into the sunset, so we can at least still respect you, rather than watch you felate the corpse of your own legacy on national TV.

most sincerely,

Jessica H, age 28
Chicago, IL

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