March 25, 2005


Mini update from day one Chicago Fest:

0. I do not know if it that I am so old that all punk rock sounds the same, or if it really does all sound the same, especially given the Radio Shack boombox fidelity of the PA.

1. I need to wear all black and get a smaller notebook. I think the kids think I am a narc.

2. Need to either bring less cash or a bigger bag, and possibly my own folding chair. I practically herniated myself lugging around dinner, a water, my journalistic supplies, and my stash of a Kylesa 12" (gold vinyl, Pushead cover!), handscreened art poster of 3 baby buffalo, a button that says "MORE CLIT IN THE PIT" ("thats disgusting!" said Julianne), a zine compilation of girls outside America writing about sexism in hardcore, a $3 sleeveless t shirt with a Lichtenstein inspired graphic with a man saying to a woman "Look, Kitten, I don;t give a damn what you think. If I say I am a FEMINIST, then, by God, I am one!" - which makes no sense to me at all, a CD of headliners TO WHAT END? ( on the Crimes Against Humanity label, out of Eau Claire, WI) - who were from Sweden and sounded like Tragedy and had a girl singer with a voice like an air raid siren, and the MAYBE CHICAGO? comp on Criminal Record with all your fave locals like The Tyrades, Functional Blackouts, Twat Vibe, Vee Dee. I got all of that for about $26. God bless anarchist collective distros that run on a fifty-cent mark up.

3. I wish Belinda Bedekovic was headlining. She should totally be touring with Interpol and the Faint and blowing it out the frame.

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