March 25, 2005


I have eleven stories to tell you, but I cannot find my phone, and then once I do find it, I have to go be at a show which starts in 2 hours and does not end until 8 pm on Sunday, at which time I must "file my report". I will be in the jungle ( actually the Pulaski Park fld house), "on assignment", am trying to write about all 46 bands playing Chicago Fest . I do these things because, you, like me, are wondering about trends in punk patches, what the difference between the Fuck Ups and Fucked UP is (dude, not the F-Ups, this is not Warped Tour), and if Weekend Nachos is as good as their name might imply. So, what I am saying is: I will not be at Lungfish, I will not be blogging, you will not see me at church tonight, I will be at the hardcore fest with a lawnchair, a steno notebook and a backpack with homepacked lunches and vegan snacks, making friends (or, if we are talking "reality": enemies) with the kids at the fest. I am totes excited. See you soon. Have a great weekend. BFF. W/B. XOXO JH

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