March 23, 2005


1. I know I say it every week, but the Harold Washington Public Library downtown is #1 in my heart. I checked out a Pauline Kael lecture series/documentary (issued by South Carolina's PBS station) on VHS, N. Young and Crazy Horse records I don't have and Chicago 60's gospel reissues on some french import label, and plus the cute latina punk girl at the A/V counter was playing The Damned's "Neat Neat Neat" much louder than one should expect for the library. The library is en fuego.

2. Teensation rapper/dj Juiceboxx just emailed me his reviews for the next Hit it or Quit it, which were hubba hubba and verbose-explosive, and I found myself asking "why is Juiceboxxx working at subway and not running XXL? Oh wait, he's in high school! DUH." Anyhow, in case yr wondering if the Get Wacky danceparty in Milwaukee was as bizzerk as I hyperb'd it as - click and scroll down to see it's dork majesty unfurl . Note: the 60 yr old dude with coins on his eyes was the middle DJ, and the kid with the afro and the purple paper track suit is half of Team Wacky w/ J-bx.

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