March 22, 2005


After my 226 hours of required critical listening to Dinosaur Jr in the last week, I am stalled at 900 words of hubba hubba overview for Ye Olde Chicagoe Readre, which is roughly, half way. Plus, the first 500 words were about me, my braces, my adoulescent unsexuality. The following 374 words are about solos. I might talk about Lou's hair on the back of the debut, which is just like that of my step-aunt, Pat, who lives in St Paul and works for 3M. It's very lady gym teacher casual, totes matches arch-support nurse shoes Lou borrowed from his mom. I will make fun on their hair and then discuss sexism for another 500 words and then peace out with some jokes. Being a "rock journalist" for real is hard work. Do not let anyone fool you otherwise.

Ahem, but in way more pressing news Teeter bids us farewell on today's installment of Fuck You Pay Me with a stellar round of pictorial ( keep scrolling down for full effect). While Gerard Cosloy pops the Cris in celebration, I totes wanna get some varnish and make perma-tear droplets running down over my cheeks to symbolize my sadness of the loss of FYPM. Teeter is now dedicating her talents full time with benefits to her latest endeavor with her platonic life partner, the inimitable Tizzy Saurez St. Germaine, DateXEdge their "anti-dating youth movement". Hurumphf.

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