March 17, 2005


It's way the fuck into next week, but you should plan ahead, it will give you something to look forward to. I will be playing the Amerie 12" approximately 4 times in a row, and then a bunch of German shit that will make you want to hump the ground. Thats all I will say for now. Version Fest is always a guerilla polemixx blitzkreig where every event ends in impromtu dancing in the streets, riots on rooftops and nudity a-poppin. Past Versions were the closest I have come to being arrested in a long time (demonstrating, loud PA's, parading w.o permit etc),2003's Version "thong party" - an event I attended by accident - is still etched, or rather burnt, deeply deeply burnt, into my memory. Hopefully this event will be the same sort of ass-o-plenty dance-a-thon!

Version Fest fundraiser / War News release party
March 23, 9pm
Sonotheque 1444 W Chicago Ave.
$5-10 suggested donation

Join us for an evening of regeneration and serious dance party action on the
first day of Spring!
DJ Charlie and the Americas feat. Ken the Explorer & Coco Le Roq & Dj Logan Bay & DJ Rotten Milk

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