March 17, 2005


First phone call came in at 7:53 am. Thats someone in central time, calling to central time. How are people at SXSW up that early anyhow, espesh when they were up eating corndoggies and tequilla worms at 4:14 with some bands with boners who mistakenly believe that the free meals, the fluffing and the business cards mean something? 7:53 ay-em calls to my cell phone!? Offish Music Business people must forget: I am an independent contractor. Being awake at 8 is one of those habits of highly effective VP of regional marketing types. Or people who's commute to work does not consist of walking into the living room in "work jammies" and tapping the powerbook awake.

Anyhow, the people calling, they are calling about the little girls I work with. The people calling, well, they do things like dramatically pause after saying "Well, actually, I manage Bon Jovi." A casual pause where industry suck-ass protocol dictates yr supposed to flatter them or go "wow, reeelly?!" or comment on the incredible frosted highlights Jon has been rocking in his Oprah shaped man-mane as of late. I left him hanging on that one "Ok." was the extent of my answer. I still have the same mean punk girl blood coursing since forever, and I really really delight in telling people "We're not interested", though I stop short of suggesting only the slimiest industry cockhorse would have the mandacity to try and sign 7th graders to a six record deal and you know, PS, I am still asleep and yr interuppting my special morning time with all my favorite NPR radio personalities telling me about Rwanda right now, so please, please, if you would not mind terribly -- piss off.

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