March 15, 2005


I got nominated for an a-ward! I got nominated for an a-ward! By the Chicago branch of the Society of Professional Journalists, for my Warped Tour cover story I did for the Chicago Reader in the "arts criticism" category.
I'm totes not lying, here is the internet proof. Kiki says I get to go to the ceremony/rubber chicken dinner to boot. Brushing against legitimacy can be intoxicating, even when it might just mean a free din-din with the flacks from the Sun Times in the banquet room at the Westin Downtown.

I hope I win.

The last thing I remember* winning was the coveted post of "most unique" - as voted by my jr. high classmates at Lake Country Montessori Learning Environment. I did not carry the distinction alone, but rather, tied with the janitors son, Nathan. Who wore a grey sweat suit every day. Who smelled like cold cuts. For him "Most Unique" was really on the money, as he was the rashiest and scrubbiest out of all the cities son's and daughters of founding fathers and CFOs that attended our tawny jr. high. "Most Unique," for me, was a special prize given, perhaps, as a thank you for being best friends with the school slut so the rest of the kids did not have to dig our social leper scenes.

This is way more exciting than "most unique"!

(*1991-97 are a complete blur. I may have won some shit then.)

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