March 10, 2005


First off, before it was time to talk to the eager froshes of DePaul University about "women in ze music biz", I inexplicably drank two cups of coffee, the first caffeine I have had in two years. I stuck by my mantra of "no fighting with audience or fellow panelists" but I think I sounded like I had just done a 30 foot rail of speed. Secondly, teenagers are genius. They are unebbingly awkward and have no time for any adult's bullshit. They have elaborate discourse and theories on the Omaha-scene-myth versus debunking Conor Oberst's talent in the daylight -- "Why is Spin Magazine so on his dick? Why do they keep saying he is the greatest songwriter of my generation? He's not! Everything I read is like "He's Bob Dylan! He's drunk!" Give me some insight that will make me care!" - said the sophmore sage. I was like "Totes. Totes." They asked me why thirty year old musician dudes are always dating their friends who are 19 and stupid, and does that creep me out like that creeps them out. Yes. It does. They asked me if all guys in bands are like that. I said, some but, it more has to do with being a 30 year old dude in an emo band, or maybe just being a 30 year old man in America, I was not sure. They told me about being treated like groupies at every internship they have had, and asked me what they can do so that the men they work for stop flirting with them and take them seriously. I did not know where to start with that one. They asked how when they are booking a show, and the promoter calls them honey, how do they deal with it, without pissing him off cos they need to get bands into that venue. They told me stories I had already lived a decade ago, and it was depressing. They gave me all the brownies I could eat, firm handshakes and I headed home. Huzzah to the ladies of DePaul Career Fest 2005 and their fighting spirit.

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