March 09, 2005


For those with $40 to spare, here is yr reason to come hang out in Chi-boogie: CHICAGO FEST 2005 March 25th - 27th ! -- All the best, best crappy and best, best amazing punk bands in the whole midwest and beyond are playing. Plus, on Sunday night line up is totally comical: Fucked Up /I Accuse / I Object / My Revenge /Punch In the Face. Riisteyt are on Saturday -- I only know who they are because my old asst. only listened to european burn-core and left it in my iTunes - they are totes scary!, Plus, on Saturday, show starts at noon and there are about 22 bands playing -- the best-worst named band ever, Weekend Nachos headline. Oh, and the whole thing is at a Pulaski Park Field House, which is not terribly far from my house. We could ride bikes to the show together! I love punk fests! There is always a table that is only selling patches, and patches are ever only a dollar tops, and every band playing only has seven inches out, and they are only selling the seven inches for $2.25, or a four-way split 10", so for $7, you can totally clean up and get records by every band playing. Come to the punk fest with me!

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