March 09, 2005


Hold Steady last night was all hi-fives to the crowd and kids shotgunning beer on stage during the encore. The girls did not know not to pop the top, and so they just drank them fast. It's one of those classic gender barriers - like girls can never make a decent "gun noise" - they just say POW, while most dudes can make the machine gunning sound no problem. But Hold Steady were, as always, America's finest party band, and between song banter was as crucial as the songs themselves -- Craig provided a health warning about never shot gunning red wine in a funnel because a guy who knew in high school did it and fell into a bush and cut his eye. I also realized, as they were playing, the strange resemblance Craig bares/bears (?) to Glen Humplik . Kids from Ybor City and Brookline screamed when the songs of terrible parties in thier terrible towns came on, and when Craig asked the audience "Anyone here from Edina?" three kids yelled really enthusiastically, which means they were not actually from Edina, but just psyched to scream, to connect with their favorite band, because no one would actually hoot aloud when asked to rep for Edina, even if they were drunk and high.

Craig did his great moves, the kind that look like he's working out some minor fracture after falling off the monkey bars. Tad being a dad has gotten him strung on some Bible Camp look, effete scarfing and general hirsuteness. He and Bobby were massaging each others hands before they played, helping each other limber up, making back stage seem more like a little league dug out.

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