March 07, 2005


I am speaking at the DePaul University career fair, about "women in the music industry" Weds at 8pm or so at the student center. I will be espousing my always dour view that the "industry" is a terrible place for ladies, to the about-to-graduate-women of the music business program. I have given this talk to these same people four times in the last 2-3 years and they still keep having me back, but that might just be because I swear a lot and tell them about spending weeks on the Warped tour. The talk will be moderated by Deena Weinstein and also feature Elizabeth Elmore . I made a promise to myself not to let it devolve into a fight, but it still might be moderately interesting, as Elizabeth and I have diametrically opposing view points. It will be like Crossfire, but much duller, perhaps. If you cannot make it, my friend Cali is threatening to put out Hopper: Live from Career Fair in a limited edition of 20 on his vinyl label, True Love.

Secondly, I will be in NY this weekend 12th-14th, please RSVP my time for drive by eggings or roundtable discussions on diaspora and Petula Clark etc. I already have much of my time on reserve, as Julianne and I will be recording for our MP3 blog, which will actually just be our conversations, for the downloading.

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