March 06, 2005


The hunch was right. Not to be more than moderately hyperbolic, but driving 174 miles roundtrip to Milwaukee to see DJ Juiceboxxx Von PartyZone , plus gas monies, plus the $4 I paid to get in - absolutely, totally beyond worth it. Best DJ set I have seen since Tommy Sunshine devastated the polish bar at the Zwan afterparty three winters ago.

Miles and I roll up to The General Store, which is approximately a 12 foot by 30 foot space, and is in fact, a store that sells crafts - of the knit wallet/painted rocks/ceramic guns/ 80's trash variety of craft. Stalagmites and stalagtites are paper mached to the ceiling and floor, plastic jungle plants everywhere, and a bad feng shui fountain in the corner - like you would get at Walgreens - adding to the "cave" decor, and lending to the intimate steez of the dance party.

We did not read the Team Wacky blog closely enough and had missed out on the Team theme that could get you reduced entrance, but as Juiceboxxx offered as we walked in "There's candy, pop, beer or costumes over there for free." I am not big on donning other peoples wigs or jumpsuits, so I declined. Looks for ladies: Brooklyn jazzercize, looks for dudes: NJ mom tracksuits from the thrift, in neon colors. Lots of sweatbands, lots of breathable fabrics. Except the dude that showed up dressed like this, but w/o the ice skates , complete with the stick - and danced.

The other Team Wacky dude was djing when we got there and it was all horny-horn funk and James Brown and 8 people dancing aerobicly, taking turns on this podium box and jumping enthusiasticly. Miles asked Juiceboxx where the bathroom was "You have to go next door, the back of the shop houses a super fragile art collection right now, so no one is really going back there." The next door with the bathroom was someone's home/video store where they were playing, as Miles called it "fifth generation bootleg VHS dubs of Mexican TV shows from the 60's" - the counter was a rebuilt "island shack", behind which you had to walk through someone's kitchen /mail order office, down stairs in the basement, past huge piles of broken projectors and records and amazing art, into a bathroom from 1920.

Anyhow, so more people start showing up, the other Team Wacky guy cedes to the next DJ, who was at least 25 years older than everyone else in the room. Miles and I were the oldest by a few years, but this guy was older than my parents... maybe 55-60. He played weird songs that were undanceable and 12 minutes long, some E.U. and all 84 minutes of "World Destruction". He played a slow song, and Juiceboxxx got on the mic and declared it a "snowball" and made everyone switch partners, then announced "There are cookies over by the cooler, help yourself."

Miles and I went outside with some people to take a smoke/sweat break, and Juiceboxxx came out and introduced himself. He is missing a tooth which lends to his already young look. He looks like about 14 of his 18 years, and was wearing a papery track suit with a "flags of the world" motif on it, and was floating on Sparks laced energy. I asked him how he felt about month two of the Team Wacky dance night, how he felt about the turnout (which topped at about 35 - in a room that fits about 12) - and he says, with utter earnetness " I think we're off to a good start. I'd really like to build Get Wacky into something bigger. Model it after, like, Gatecrasher or Ministry of Sound - you know, have our own bottled water, our own magazine. Build the Team Wacky brand." Being a teenager and a positive thinker really says a lot about one's character.

We went back inside, danced, ate the homemade cookies, watched the explosive energy other people had come alive on the dancefloor... I do not know if it was the Sparks, or if there is a drastic cut in energy after 23, but everyone there did not stop dancing for three hours. Then, finally, Juiceboxxx was up to DJ and everyone started screaming and Miles and I were yelling "Oh my god! What the Fuck!?" over every perfectly, sickly matched selection - the kid was putting acapellas perfectly over shit that worked miracles together but was something you would never think of, detroit bounce into a New Order song with the highend turned all the way up for a blastro effect, MARRS into ghetto-tech classix into a DMX song played at +8, into some housey breaks record from 1990 into the accapella of "Lean Back" dropped over "Ms. Jackson". We were dying.

Anyhow, we're bringing him down to Chicago for some Binoculars event next month. Just... get ready.

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