March 03, 2005


The new Mahjonng album is doing a thing that the other bands who have been beefing all along that they are not a disco punk band, even though they are pimp-tite with the signifiers ( that scampy dirty shuffle gtr, the bass lines funk hedonists prefer, thin nostalgic synth lines, that yalpy singing about dancing and the night and humping a mirror ball, damp snare sounds et al.), and growing more pimp-tite by the second... I s'pose I am really speaking of El Gaupo and Mahjonnhg (sure I am forgetting some others) here -- disco bands disavowing disco as distance from trend that they are in fact, being sweat up in the foam of the wave of. El Gaupo started as a fretless, footloose and fancy free jazz band eight years ago, and Mahjonng feign ignorance, which is almost believable because most of the band looks like they all sleep on the floor of their practice space, have no look to speak of - other than Hunter dresses like a white, scabbied Mr. T -- so you are almost inclined to believe they are snoozing on some trend, and arrived on accident. Mahjonng says it's all Fela and Nigeria they are pulling their moves from but, it's much to scuttley and sounds like Throbbing Gristle doing "Rock The Boat", even when they cut the hook and stomp out their ideas to further disavow what they are doing.

El Gaupo, in interview mere 2 weeks ago says their songs are about nothing, and they make them through trading cds through the mail, and the drummer only listens to R Kelly and world music and it was all very "we're not doing this on purpose"... it's all excuses! It's like 1997 and emo as the dirty word. Where are the people who are doing thigns on purpose? Is that territory only for NOFX and Yellowcard or something? Executive culpability, PLEEZ!
I can hear the skronky gtr lines of them all, like some foghorn in the distance "jink jink jink.... jink jink jink..." Why are punk kids, even when they are sluttering as disco kids, so afraid to cop to what they are up to? Ain't no difference from the hardcore kids putting that limp dick Wilco sheen on their emo-lean. We're all fluffing to hide whatever capitalist hunger pulses through our thin skins, all those years of reading HeartAttack like Kent McClard was Moses on the Mount leaving us with nothing but some scurriliuos white shame like some frat boy that knocked you up and left town. Not exactly a real problem, but keep everyone hiding their intentions, though you can smell it's stink following down the block.

Anyhow, the Mahjonng record is ok, and the El Gaupo record is ok, even though it's sound is living entirely off a blood transfusion c/o The Rapture. So in leiu of a night of giving half a shit about half disco/half scared bands, we will continue listening to this binoxxuloxx jam I picked up at the downtown public library entitled "String Music of Vietnam vol. 2" which has loads of clapping on it, and is as hot as whatever Dipset song is making you cum this week.

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