March 02, 2005


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How to draw hamsters?
I have a hard time with hamsters, I always make them look like mice. Their ears are just little nubs buried in their fur, and they are puffballs with almost no definition - you could draw a little cloud and put a baby mouse face on it, and you pretty much have a hamster. Hamsters are pretty cheap, maybe pick one up at the store and do some "life drawing" if it's for a school project or a technical hamster manual and you need it to look realistic.

nude geils
J Geils Band recently reunited , and are all still alive and playing around Boston, including ill-monickered harmonica player "Magic Dick". I suggest you write Peter Wolf and see if he can hook you up with some polaroids or something.

christian crip art
Art by Christian Crips? Perhaps ... here?

lyrics electro ride white pony if you wanna ride
The song is "White Horse" by Laid Back. It was the first song an adult ever explained to me. I think I was about six when it came out, and asked my dad about the white pony/white horse metaphor. My dad later put this same song on a mixtape he made for me when I was in 7th grade, along with Hendrix doing the national anthem, MARRS and Public Enemy. Thanks dad.

watch child birth videos
When I was seven years old, I filled in a couple times as my mom's Lamaze partner at her birthing class, where they projected canal-birth films on the wall. That shit will fuck you up, and shatter any "miracle of life" thoughts you have re: the force majeure known as "natural birth". I suggest you stick with illustrations if you can, unless you are trying to scare teenagers and stupid people out of concieving - then by all means... go for it.

sexy wooden shoes
I imagine this is a man in Holland looking for something special for his lady. I say go with anything you think a turn of the century virginal European milkmaid might sport. That says "confidence" and confidence is always sexy.

weird singing fat kid movie techno
I think you mean this.

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