March 02, 2005


I was at Rjyan and Roby's for evening tea and planning, where they told me about the two records they are working on (cex and sandcats), one of which, the vinyl version, the cover can be cut and by following the directions on the inserts, you have a puppet theatre where you can act out scenes with puppets (included, made from inserts) to go along with the 12 minute one-song rock opera that is somehwere in Side One of the Sandcats album, which is about 230 bpm, almost all the way through. I cannot tell you the plot, because it's just too good.

Rjyan and Roby look strangely alike -- not quite brother and sister, but def. cousins-alike, which is not creepy as it sounds, in light of them being married. Same color hair, and now, the same haircut (which are notable as I have never seen anyone with their haircuts), same glasses, same moon-eye Scandanavian features and immaculately ragged home-modified outfits. Rjyan started talking about the record they want to make after these next three come out, which is a hip hop record coming from the locus point of "What if Illmatic, and a lot of hip hop culture was not based around the movie Scarface, but some other movie, like "Some Like It Hot" - what would it all sound like?" -- the sort of stuff I stopped being able to access in my brain after I took all that acid summer of 92.

They are the only married people I am jealous of (no offense, other married friends, I like you, but jealous of your marriages is rare). When I arrived at their house, they had just finished 5 days of fasting together, and had built little sculptures out of all the lemon-peels they juiced while fasting, which they plan to use to animate part of the video they are making for the rock opera that they wrote together. They look at each other when they are making points, for nod, and they laugh at each others jokes with ease. The walls of their apartment are painted as mountain scenes. They wear matching strings around their necks with a little chicken bone tied to it. They made three records together since summer, from binoculars concept to extra-complex artwork, and then toured on them for a few months. You never get the idea they would rather be doing anything but riding bikes together, or welding trash to their front gate, TOGETHER. Plus, Rjyan, unlike most dudes (yes, I said most), does not merely give lipservice about wanting to be with a smart woman , but has the follow through and commitment to do so.

Anyhow, what I meant to tell is that with in the next week or two, you will be able to watch some snippets of all of this, via way in the future concept site Vimeo which is some side magic of Rjyan's best dude frnd Jake, who oddly enough, is one of the dudes behind, which is slightly lower concept than Vimeo.
In the meantime, settle for the analog update they did of their website .

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