March 01, 2005


Yesterday, the TLG mailbox dropped a terrific letter our way, from Milwaukee's own burgeoning high school rapsturr, Juiceboxxx , who also is half of dj crew (dude, two people can count as a crew!) going by the moniker of Team Wacky who are throwing (by unverified accounts, mind you) Milwaukee's only dance party. Juiceboxxx's blog is the best music writing I have read by an 11th grader, at least so far this year. People of NY take note, Juiceboxxx is spending his spring break rapping at art shows in your neighboorhood. I have not heard any MP3s or such, I cannot vouch for quality, but kids usually have way better ideas than adults. For all you know, Juiceboxxx could be like... the white male Lil Kim of 11 years from now = get in on the ground floor.

Perhaps, even more curious than all of this is that four or five years ago, when Juiceboxxx had a normal boy name and was in all of 8th grade, I tried to recruit him to write for Hit it or Quit it at a Dismemberment Plan/Alkaline Trio/Promise Ring show in Milwaukee. It did not happen then, due entirely to missed connections, but we got it happening now. Hit it or Quit it's reviews section is all about deploying precocious midwestern teenagers, watch for their wiley post-pubescent styles blowing up the back pages of next issue. Word up to the Class of '05.

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