March 01, 2005


I went to Miles' house late night to watch the PBS Mythos doc I got from the library downtown, turned out the case I grabbed was misfiled, and in place of the VHS tape, was 8 hours of audio cassettes. Miles and I like to nerd out, and sometimes hanging out just means eating apples and reading books in the same room, totes nerdtivity, but planning to hang out, shushed up for 8 hours to listen to social science tapes together seemed a little much.

This morning, I saw Miles' face about 11 times it's normal size, on the side of a bus. He is in the Time Out Chicago ads with his mouth open so wide, you can see his molars. Miles and I have been pimp tite friends for about four years and I have never seen him look as excited as he does in these ads. I cannot imagine what they did to get him to make that face.

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