February 27, 2005


A fellow Minnesotan lady writes:
"Dude, did you actually go in that Burger King in Elk Mound, WI? Because that Burger King smells so bad, high school locker room towel hamper-style. I've made that drive four times in the last 6 months, each time I stopped at that BK, every time it reeked like cooch -- it's crazy! "

Yes, I did actually go in to the BK in Elk Mound. The most notable thing to report was concert-decibel patriotic country music BUMPIN throught, and the still-drunk from the night before guy, part of the snowmobiling gang outside, who was jokingly insulting other patrons he knew, with a BK crown perched atop his snowmobiling helmet, which he had not removed and but, simply, had raised it's face-lid and shoved the meat sandwich into the opening. And no, the BK did not stank like the crotch of either gender.

Steve Kiviat, total stranger writes:
I like reading what you have to say about music, and emo demographics and stuff, but what is the deal with you always mentioning how often you or your relatives smoke?  This old guy hates breathing in second-hand smoke at shows, and doesn’t understand your fixation on this cancer and emphysema and stinky clothes causing thing.  

Steve, thanks for your thoughtful letter. I am not sure why I write about smoking so much other than I am around it a lot. Cigarettes and smoking breaks are common transactions round these parts - here in Chicago, you can smoke everywhere aside from church and operating rooms, pretty much. I wrote about my moms smoking because she is so peculilar of a smoker, it is hard not to notice. But, I agree. Smoking is not cool, and I would hate for anyone to pick up the habit because they read about it on my blog. Not that I think I am all that influential, but I remember once standing outside a Jets to Brazil show, and some 15 years old girls came up to Blake, Jets/former Jawbreaker frontman, brandishing packs of Chesterfield Kings, aka the brand that killed grandpa, saying they had picked them up as some sort of expression of fandom over (the Jawbreaker "hit") "Chesterfield Kings", and he had this look like someone punched him. None the less, kids are always looking for excuses to justify vice, and I do not want to be responsible for anyone's gross smoking, so I will stop mentioning it on this here blog. Thanks!

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