February 19, 2005


As J-Shep spake, "we in" re: EMP Pop Conference and All You Can Eat Indian Buffet mid-April. My paper got in this year. Last time I went, I went to DJ a party or two, and it was the OG Binoculars til dawn shit - my leg had never been so grinded on in my life. I officiated a panel the next day, and did so so badly to the point that RJ accused me of being "anti-intellectual" and I was all "Yo, I did not understand what David Grubbs paper was even about. He was so meta it was like Earths lava-core. I burnt up! I don;t know shit about theory -- I just came for the free pancakes!" but, it all paid off because J-Shep and I witnessed Sasha's Jamiroquai impression - maybe the funniest 3 minutes of that year, and also me and JShep watched a really great documentary on PBS about the railroad, and chainsmoked in the hotel queensize til 4 am, zonked from a hard day of THINKING, which is not a terribly romantic picture, but it was kind of like the summer camp experience I never got. Starring the ceiling and gossiping to yr fave brain trust about whether Robert Christgau was actually picking his nose, or if he just had allergies during his panel.

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