February 18, 2005


Oh snap! Steve Albini shows up to weigh in on the Teeter vs. Cosloy Mata-war and drops the c-bomb on yrs truly . Perhaps he is still steaming about the time in 1996 we made that joke about him sponsoring a 2K Fun Run for Gay Pets?

And, for the record, just on some total p.s. tip, despite all my ribbing of Mister Cosloy, I do respect him quite a bit. Matador has always had a female-heavy roster, embraced laptop-rock way early (I still have that Lesser record), and tried their best to take it to the streets with some hip hop releases here and there. As I tried, in vain, to make clear to GC during the debacle of last week, my riff about interns was not pointed at him alone, and was part of a larger discourse on interns I have been having with several other people (May I recommend the "indie rock industry myth"chapter in Joel Schalit's book Jerusalem Calling as a tremendous critical examination on interning) . I do not think GC's a bad dude or a intern-hating rascal or even a rich snob. And thats the last thing I'm ever saying about it. Really.

On a totally unrelated point, but to touch on the comments re: K's review in the Times, and O-Dub bloggeration on it ---> I saw Sage Francis play last night, and I have a lot of respect for what he is doing. He is out on a limb with a 5-person back up consisting of a polyglot drill n' bass ensemble from Florida whom during their solo opening set riffed on some Rumi-like metaphysics "be who you are/global village" / fuck Bush sentiments -- the sort of thing anyone over 19 regards as cornball, but I think cornball is brave. Hip hop is so eternally mired in the authenticity debate, with the everyone tending to their aesthete like Moses came off the Mount with Nas lyrics etched into a tablet -- the idea of "respect" and what you can and cannot do seems so codified to me, that I think it's really bold for Sage to do "political" and do it serious and do it goofy, and do it with five dorky people doing his back ups and him garbed like he's going as Luke 3:16 for Halloween, and to do a cover of a Shellac song previously bastardized by Atmosphere -- like, dude clearly does not care for the rules.

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