February 16, 2005


On my P&J bullet, I voted furr some bands that are a mystery to people outside of Chicago. As I find their MP3 site-propers, I will link - as I know yr dying to blow through some time at yr wretched job at the school library or the lucky dice factory.

1. Weather is Roby who was in Milemarker, and now plays in Cex and Sandcats too with her husband, Rjyan Kidwell, who met in my kitchen, about a year ago this time. I saw Weather play in basements, at the wedding in the woods and some weird show in Rhode Island, where they played in a thrid floor bedroom, and everyone sat on the curb outside, across the street. The MP3 posted does not capture their biz-nox-uloxx-ulurrs edge. Roby's voice is like a lava pit when she lets loose - much more refined and dynamic than her Milemarker works. She made outfits for the audience to wear while the band plays. Animal heads and the like, for you and me to wearas we are rocked - I am a real stickler about germs, but I usually strap on the rabbit or horse-bonnet when I watch them, because it's a great oppurtunity that should not be missed. Also, Roby has beautiful hair, as you can see in the pictures.

- tomorrow: perfect panther, with more pretty hair and songs.

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