February 15, 2005


I got the new-new Hold Steady, from Craig, cos it's like that. Tossed to me when we were at the park taking his picture. It's elastic and big, the drums sound Albini-a-cized. Pirate sounding with that organ, but maybe more dark and spooky, than carnivalian, like some late-era Damned record. Oh, he just referenced an intersection 5 blocks from my moms house. Snap. Springsteen/Grifters/Cheap Trick riffing with a cowbell, which is almost J Geils Band-ian. Oh Snap Redux. I am not sure what it's about-about, but it sounds like someone on a speed bender in Edina, MN.

Edina is the quitessential, infintly insultable, easy punchline suburb - because being suburban-tony and white in Minnesota is redundant, and so Edina is... whatever is beyond the beyond. The double beyond. Edina is a k-hole of winter tanned women, with white tennis shoes and fur coats rocked in conjunction, , perms and sunken living rooms, pleatfront weekend casj dads, mean prudish high school girls and their boyfriends who deal weed 'for fun'. Edina, or just the proverbial Edina, is where the clean and well intentioned always seem to start in Hold Steady songs. They wind up downtown, or by the river or in the backseat.

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