February 14, 2005


After the 7 emails in 72 hours from madd (mad!) tenacious Gerard Cosloy which made me feel that a specially-bred attacking poodle had my whole head in a vice like death grip ( a compliment! really!). I do believe my myriad of emails begging NO MAS have brought us to some quasi-cordial truce. "In the future when I'm called a rotissiere chicken-devouring, cut & paste sports blogging, zillionaire elitist, I'll try harder not to take it personally," wrote GC. I, too, learned my lesson -- Some people really really do not like being made fun of on the internet.

Yet, yes, yet! the battle continues to wage, and what unfold around us is clear, Teeter and Gerard do not share the same crystal vision, ala Stevie Nicks.

Teeter's manifesto about her year in the Matador poster closet
Gerard catalogs his talking points (with handy hyperlinks)

I think Teeter wins because she is funnier. But that might just be because I do not understand GC's Jose Canseco jokes.

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