February 14, 2005


Why does the ringtone version of Fire Fire sounds like a jackin version of Super Mario Cart? Why can't my ring tone be the sound of her hair in the wind. Look on the photos page, of her in the tree house - I imagine all the hot girls in the bible looked like that.

I like Brother Reade . I have heard four songs and I like three.

I do not understand the boner* that is going on re: Bloc Party or how anyone is selling them ( at 4 grand a month pr fee no less) as a dance anything and a disco future, as something steaming urgently to unseat Franz Ferdinand as the band that makes 17 yr olds feel sexy when trying on jeans in the dressing room at Wet Seal. Sexless, uninspired and as the a&r clods say "there are no songs". As Teeter said this eve " I Am the new sheriff of and am now entering snoozville, pa - population 1". Fake disco jail is the new emo pussy jail. Except all the fake indie fake dance 5th gear hype disco bands - they are just selling you a bridge that is not there (Metaphorically, literally even) rather than emo's cockslapping about New Jersey topography and some bad-good girl who they have not even slept with. Both are worser than I wish, but emo is easier to ignore at this point.

(* sorry, I know that most people hate that word)

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