February 11, 2005


I had lunch at the Conde Nast-y cafeteria, courtesy Sasha, which was notable for the Frank Gehry design, that of a robot-baby cocoon, (like the big shiny bean in the park in Chicago but glassier) and also, it was packed with ponytailed assistant to the assistant ponytail fashionista, who created a flexing swirling line around the salad bar like a hi-pressure storm pattern you see when they pull up the Doppler Radar 3- day forecast on the night-news. When I was waiting to get on the lelevator, this woman walked past me with a gi-nourmous bag from prada, containing a giant prada box. I think it might have been a casket. I used to freak out when I visited New York, when I was a young publicist, a young funna-be trying to gold front like I was keeping up, but inside I was panicked because I did not have fancy shoes, and all New York womens, even the tiny ones in size 4x toddler Rocawear jackets, have fancy shoes, and thusly, I felt like a troll under a bridge keeping spare change in my solied pointy hat. Finally, after 13+ trips to New York, I officially have stopped giving a shit.

I spent the afternoon interviewing Britt from Spoon. I asked him important questions like how he feels about porn on the personal political level. We talked about Spoon for about 5 seconds total. I bailed to Fat Beats and proffered my phone bill money for some 12s, then bought some wooden shoes. In my life dream, I only wear wooden shoes and outifts made of potato sacks, cut my hair with the #1 clipper blade and live in a barn. I am now 1/4 of the way there!

JShep and I met with Karla from Ida, who is organizing the Rock N Roll Girls camp for NYC - which kicks off this August about the 60,000$ that needs to be raised, about finding female mcs and djs to teach at the camp, getting ahold of Kim Gordon and Joan Jett, about coming up with musical equipment for 75 girls, and soliciting wealthy rock stars for their dough. (Moby was sitting at the next table. I was tempted to invite him to come sit at our table, just petition him directly - because only assholes say not to girls rock camp, but he disappeared down a hole at the base of a tree trunk when we weren't looking. ) Soon, I will have a link to a page about NY Girls Rock Camp, if you think you have the inclination to volunteer, donate or hook something magical up.

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