February 11, 2005

2005 = 1994

Nick Catchdubs remembers SUPER ROCK! Super Rock was the best worst and best again show that should never of been. It was such a product of the 93-94 era where a lot of things snuck through the cracks, a legion of shouldn't-have-happened, pulled by Nirvana's tide. SuperRock was right up there with Scrawl being on a major label, as far as the inexplicable making it through the corpo-gates. Jackie never looked at the camera and Dr.Dre did not laugh at her jokes - SuperRock was like the polyglot of Judgement Night soundtrack in a TV show, and sadly, I think there were only about 4 episiodes of it.

Attention old Riot Girls: On the topic of 1993's tragic mysteries, Sara Marcus is doing a book, which I imagine will be the definitive primer/history on riot girl, and is looking for old show fliers and also anyone who has a dub of the disastariffic "women in rock/riot girl" episode of the Jane Pratt show, which fatefully, was the last show, as Lifetime cancelled it the following week. If I had a copy, I would have played "Taliban" and wrapped the tape around a telephone pole. Highlights include: Kim Gordon's wicker shoes, Rebecca Odes from Lovechild striking assimilationist poses, Erin Smith of Bratmobile discussing her classic fanzine Teenage Gang Debs (Fugazi Paper dolls! i still have mine!), an A&R guy from Warner discussing how women are the future of music, me getting agitated and saucy and telling Jane Pratt I wasn't a feminist just to fuck her stupid show up, Daisy Cafritz - as an audience member defending me and telling then-Sassy ed. Christina Kelly off, Charles Aaron - also in the audience - asking the tough question and wearing a shirt with Scooby Doo on it, and topped with a performance by Bettie Seveert, who smelled terrible and ate all the cold cuts in the green room. 11th grade was a fucking weird time for this young unicorn, believe it... Anyhow, if you have a copy of that or Bikini Kill/riotgirlband show fliers, let me know, and I will hook you up with Sara.

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