February 09, 2005


But, perhaps, it's all the rotisserie chicken he allegedly eats -- animal trans fats really slow down the brain, which would keep someone from being able to come up with decent snaps, though I have to say Teets is really quick on the draw and also, like most people I know, brustles under male authority. Secondly, it makes perfect sense that Mister Cosloy is really about a truthful, pristine myspace.com account. What a piddley backpeddling implausible excuse! You run Matador, which means not only are you rich-furr-life, but nerdy teenagers, real adults AND Interpol Carlos D. (the Paris Hilton of the white-rock ghetto) -- all of those think yr an alright dude, possibly even cool. I cannot gather whether or not yr cool, as yr blog is a bullet point editon of The Sporting News, which may or may not be really about sports and might just be some secret tome about Mark Ibold's great new psyche band Cam'Ron's Foreskin .

And my third point (already!) is that, and nothing personal here Gerard - really, but you know fuck anyone who is not genuinely and exubberantly thankful to even marginally productive interns, even the annoying ones. Interns make the entire music industry run. Imagine how much more Catpower or Nelly or Shipping News albums would cost if those labels had to be paying the amount of people it takes for their time to collate, fold, staple, insert, pack up, stamp and address those promotional mailings? CDs would cost like 42$, even at Sam's Club. People, Kids - Kids! who are in the best years of their lives, when they still look good and thier livers work and they still have hope and ideals -- they are down to work for free doing the most goddawful work you can imagine, in exchange for free cds, or "experience" -- or more often than not, because they have a fundamental respect for what your company is doing and want to help you, help your artists. I mean, it's not as noble as working with lepers, but depending on what intership and what conditions, we're awfully close... so, hey, if you have an intern, even if they are stupid and annoying, be good to them because they are doing you they favor much more so that you them, even if you are the busiest, coolest, most elite person ever. Even if you are the jehovah of myspace.com!

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