February 08, 2005


My ballot is up, and it's got four mistakes in it. But whatevers, I think three of them are actually my doing. I got a check for the comment, and I plan on putting that 7$ to use and buying, I dunno, tampons or some cassingles at a garage sale. That Lady Sovreign track listed, well, I have never heard that lady. I was talking about Lady Stush, who is possibly a garage or grime artist who's 12's are unfindable. The other thing: OLD DUDE won again. I did not even know Brian Wilson put out a record this year. Finally, something that makes me feel very, very young.

Props, snaps and whaddup you hotgenius to our favoritest Amy Phillips who has about 18 comments in the section, which is more comments than all the other girls on the crit-squad combined. I know there is only like 42 of us, so lets give a big hi-five and celebrate by whapping each other on our pert asses with back issues of Venus! WAY TO GO! Like we read in Bikini Kill #2, 12 years ago -- break down the walls that say that you can't! We shall overcome! No, really we shall!

What is Rob Tannenbaum talking about (janet's boob! britney's marriage! POURQUOI!?) - I feel like someone should ring a gong at the end of each paragraph.

Rob Sheffield is funny, and I laughed out loud at his comments.

ILM can eat me re: the rough time given to Jimmy Draper's ballot Like any single one of you folks would give Simon Reynolds a hard time for having specialized tastes, or Oliver Wang for having a narrow, all hip hop ballot? He's not a pussy for having feminist tastes. Would it have been more laudable if he voted for Kanye and Usher?

I think I am going to leave it at that because I am not so interested in furthering the usual month of debates and rallying and shitting on the critical mass and debunking other people like us that are making 15 cents a word.

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