February 06, 2005

Oh, the humanity.

I swiped this blog off Britt's blog, which she discovered via blog spot's next blog button. Normally, when someone does a break up blog there is a lot of sappy inarticulation, some awful lyrics, creepy obsessiveness, 4000 word "why?!" entries. But this punk kid (ok, he's 31) from Oakland details an agony we all know, in perfect notes: The innagural (and always illfated) crush on a co-worker/friend post break up, the drinking ones self to sleep, the uncontrollable, embarrassing crying bout at work, the weight-loss, your mom telling you that you look like shit, the shedding of 15 lbs, grieving over the way your ex doesn't look at you, the un-had conversations.
Start at Feb and work backwards, it's compulsive reading.

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