February 04, 2005


Everyone else seems to be manicly listing lists of, as N.O.U. once put it, "The sound/the sound that's a-round" , so I figured, I should get in on the action.

Top Listens for this week at the Jr. Miss department of tinyluckygenius:
1. Andy Williams - "Andy Williams Sings Moon River". "Moon River" is in my top 5 songs of all time. I listened to it 6 times already tonight. No one sings it like Andy, with such a purient, unsexual longing. Strings, french horns and lonely melodrama!drama!drama! - track after track! I like to imagine him perched in the crook of a giant oak tree, looking into the sky as he sings it -- or perhaps dejectedly shuffling through a low lit town square around 10:30 at night, throwing pennies in a fountain -- you know, the sort of way I like to imagine my boyfriend acts when he misses me most. 10 great tracks sure to inspire buttery frottage on the parquet dance floor.

2. "NASTE ( albatros si vol #6)" - I stole this from some quasi free bin at a thrift store on Tuesday. Third generation copy xerox of a little boy wearing shorts on the cover - inside is a track listing in what I read like a mix of spanish and italian. Turns out it's a mid-eighties compilation of electro-pop from Bucharest, with a female singer. I could put some poppin 808s underneath the tracks and bootleg it, and I swear to god you would wonder how you ever lived with out it and I swear to god it's not some joke I made up to mock obscurist crit tastes.

3. Cleveland Heights High School Girls Glee Club and Mens Chorus (2lp) s/t (1970). Booming/cracking baritone version of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" sung by a bunch of 16 y.o. boys, with only gynasium reverb and an upright piano, and some rudimentary drumming. The girls do "We've Only Just Begun" - with much force and little glee, with a spooky break mid song begging to be looped into a Postal Service song, the piano hits wrong chord and notes - it's all very visceral and first take sounding. I am only through side one so far, it's so good I cannot get past it. Well worth the 50 cents.

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