February 03, 2005



TLG READER MAIL: Mike McBike vs. The Pope
Mike writes, recounting the time HE KISSED the pope.

i too remember the popes world touri think it was like 86 or 87. i was
living in phoenix then. i was in 1st grade at the time, at this old
catholic school called queen of peace. anyways the diocese had this essay
contest and a winner from each grade 1st thru 12th would be picked to
go have special seating at the cathedral and a special pope mass. all
this stuff went over my head. anyways cause we were in 1st grade and
couldn't write for shit they let us all do a drawing of the pope for an art
contest. i was pretty kick ass at drawing back then, i think i had the
64 crayon set that really put me past the competition. my drawing,
which i've never seen since i turned it in was the pope in his popemobile.
i hadn't seen the popemobile yet, but i drew what i thought it looked
like. a white limo with the pope standing up in the moonroof. he was
holding a dr. pepper. some how i won the contest. i forgot to tell my mom
i won and lost the permission slip. our school freaked out cause i
didn't bring it back so they called my mom at work. they left this message
like "call queen of peace re: the pope" my mom was really worried. she
knew i had seen this picture in the news paper of different pope
imitators doing stuff like skateboarding and driving hot rods and stuff.. she
figured i cut them out and took them in to school.

well anyways we got the permission slip sorted out and the day arrived.
my mom dressed me up in a special POPE outfit, with the popes colors..
gold and white. it was white overall shorts with a yellow and white
horizontal striped short sleeve shirt. we went to the cathedral on a bus
and they had really tight security. body searches and everything.
anyways my mom managed to get tickets but her seats were way in the back, and
i was up front. becuase i was the youngest they had me sitting on the
aisle. the pope made his entrance and walked down the aisle blessing
people. he came up to me and i gave him a hug and he kissed my forehead
and said some latin shit.

a couple of months later my mom tracked down a picture of the event
(the pope has his own photographer and nobody is allowed cameras near the
pope except official pope crew) she still has it up at her house.

i was too young to know if the pope was good or bad. i thought he was
cool... i mean he was sorta famous and i met him so that was pretty

the other day we were talking about the pope and wondering who PROMOTES
the pope tour? like does ticketmaster do the ticketing? would the pope
go clear channel? or does he have his own blessed promotions company.
who handles the popes merch? do they get merch percentage? does the pope
get advances? how many people does the pope get on his guestlist?

on his trip i remember he did like 2 nights sold out at sun devil
stadium, and he had a TON of merch. coffee mugs, keychains, change trays,
crosses, bibles the whole deal.

i bet if we get a new pope he will do a big world tour like the last
pope tour.

Thanks for writing, Mike. Please send all pope related stories and deathwishes to mcfrenchvanilla at yahoo dot com - do it!

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