February 01, 2005

My other keyboard is a cash machine.

.The indie-punk house records coming out this season, they will be the last allowed through the gate. I think there is a decree going up, sometime, March-ish, that all the disco punk bands must become one big band. Not an orchestra, but a marching band - that only disco's the high hats and slashs the skronk chords at chunka-chunk intervals, and then a frontline -- a danceline, purrhumps, of yalpers. Skinny tiesuited mewlers, spewing drysex dissatisfaction about "you, girl" and C&C Music Factory sentiments, clad in goth's finest lace shirt.

El Gaupo, now doing business as Supersystem, made a deeply Brooklyn dance dance debut for Touch N Go, which seems to be about buddhist doctrine of interconnectedness, and also seems to be Devo's-manic frantic pumped through some Phuture thump. It's too fast, and it's kind of a guilty pleasure. I feel like they are late to the disco game, and I am all "oh, not again! but I still have the Out Hud Cd to get through!" -- and also, btw, why is Out Hud not going for a punk rip steez of Inner City "Good Life"? I think thats a sound investment and might put them ahead of the rest of the greezy disco hamsters gobblehoofing on the greezy, greezy revivalist hamtrackô.

Second on that topic, Justin from El Guapo has a side band called Edie Sedgewick, which is him solo, singing about celebrities. It sounds like pained robot-cadence yelling over the unhappiest japanese video game. Atom and His Package with a war to fight, and nothing funny to say. The highlight: Track 6 "Robert Downey Jr." -- the chorus is Justin yelling over harsh keyboard drone - "RELAPSE! RECOVERY! RELAPSE! RECOVERY! RELAPSE! RECOVERY!" - the rest of the song is surprisingly tender. Be forewarned -- the "Sigourney Weaver" song is the weakest one on the album... perhaps owing to a convoluted career.

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