January 31, 2005


Sasha talks to Conor, and it's conversational. I like this interview because it conveys Conor as dog paddling through his early 20s, just like anyone does. He could be any kid. As opposed to the other magazine stories that treat him like Stephen Hawking -- like it's a miracle he can do what he does.

Meanwhile, we are trying to include Conor in our next issue, as part of our 2005: The Year of Men in Rock full color spectacular, but we are getting denied at the gate, despite all my sweet please-pleas to the publicista. I do not know if it's because we are real low on the totem -- I understand that Hit it or Quit it is not blowing it out the journalistic framework, like, oh, Highlights is... but, c'mon. Perhaps we are getting the d because in the last interview with Conor, all he and Sean talked about was stalkers, boat shoes, cocaine and getting handjobs - and thats a bit scandy.

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