January 31, 2005


Cali has a blog , which is not a blog so much, but is lists and photos and in jokes and 411 on all the secret shows and secret parties and "exciting" tingle of the go-downs on the Cahuenga Boogie. The anti-celebration of whatever it is they celebrate. Cali has some really stellar bad tattoos, from a lifetime ago, including some sort of hindu/bodhisatva thing all over his arm which actually looks like smeared xerox of Garfield. While Cali may look like he's the bitch of the prison yard, he is a legitimate "high roller" and used to play me Linton Kwesi Johnson records when I was 16, trying to ween me off bad Minneapolis grunge (Vertigo ruled, it was 1991, give me a break!).
Props to your non blog blog, mon frere.

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