January 31, 2005


How as your weekend? Really.

Miles recaps our night as a faux brother sister djing duo. Binoculars III was may have seemed sisyphysian to the outside observer - because we're dance party djings playing to fans of very lake placid slow diminutive instrumental post rock bands where choruses are as gentle as a buddhist breath. Basically, we gave them the fucking they did not know they needed. No Metallica as we threatened, but M.I.A. "Galang" twice in a row and I put on Wink's "Higher State of Conciousness (Acid Tweekin Mix)" - which pleased only the men of Trizteza, and sent about 200 patrons to the door in a hurry, some with hands clapped over ears. Tristeza dudes were either drunk, or really just really loved our wildly haphazard style, and kept praising our style as "European" and said we were "killing it", and that it reminded them of the great club in Munich that they played at. If playing "Whole Lotta Love" to a nearly empty room 7 minutes to bar close is "killing it" -- I should really be making more at this. I chalk this up to the fact that Triztesa are from San Diego, and that the whole wide world outside of a city thats just beach, military bases and nazi tattoo artists and white drugs, Munich and Chicago and Kalamazoo mjst seem like the teacup rides at Disneyland in comparison.

Secondly, the Ana DiSilva record comes out this week, and I have to remind you about it, because I get the feeling people will be sleeping-bag snooze button on it. The esoteric spooky bricolage of Arthur Russell, and the girl wizard inchoate of Ellen Allien, with all beats sounding like they were made by a live pony on a brick street, hooves to stone - clip clop and unerring. It's on Chicks on Speed-label.

LASTLY, Happy Birthday to Sasha F-J, on his 104th birthday.

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