January 30, 2005


I spent the day at the massive plex of the downtown library, after teasing stops at other smaller local libraries, where I found that they do not have all six hours of Power of Myth on videocassette in one place, though they do have it on 3 laser discs. Thanks Bill Moyers, for merely halfstepping yr nerd ass into the future.

I had to go to the library because I got hungry for books in a way bad enough that spending an hour at Myopic could not fix for me. I had to touch more books, wander past the recently paroled and jr high homeworkers studious at the tables. I walked past a dad, nodded off at the literature section tables,with his kids, still with jackets on, reading a Superman collection. I imagined him with the kids for the weekend, with little idea what to do. Or maybe he's exhausted because he has them all the time. I made a tssst-tssst noise when I passed to wake him up, cos yr dad falling asleep on you in the library when you were four is totally the kind of thing you cry over in therapy 25 years later.

I left today with a list for next time, because as much as I want to check out 11 or 57 books, because a half stroll down the dewey decimal'd aisles just reminds me of dozens of things I forgot to learn, or i start considering what is stopping me from learning Vietnamese from audio cassettes....
Coco the gorilla
dead languages
Studs Terkel video

I have decided that I need to really follow up on questions I have more often. Meaning I need to know where squirrels live and where they sleep, because I never see them sleep, and there are not enough trees with knotty coves to suplly adequate housing for all squirrels, plus when I draw them, they keep looking like rabbity-kittens - must get down to the business of squirrels. Also, I need to know what Coco the Sign Language Gorilla is up to. My mom says Coco is interpretting for sick animals for zoo doctors. I could cry dreaming about reading about diagnostics and furry sociolinguistics according to Coco.

The video section of the library is a dream come true, in case yr sleeping on it, which, really, I was, I must admit. I got a PBS documentary on Anita Hill/Clarence Hill. They also had a documentary on Juju music - 51 minutes of King Sunny Ade. They had all 25 parts of the "Great Cemetaries of America" available for check out. They had every major episode of Frontline. They had six videos about teenage suicide (don't do it), instructional videos about introducing your dog to water ("Water Dogs!" pts. 1 & 2), two hours of Ntozake Shange reading her work, entire sections about dinosaurs, the big bang and math-tutoring cartoons. Once I finish crying with joy about Coco the Gorilla, I may have to shed more tears of joy over the hours of evolutionary biology docs and ancient Lena Horne footage I will be checking out shortly.

It is 6:45 on Sunday. If you are reading this before 10 pm and live in Chicago, come to the Empty Bottle, for happy dancing between mopey rock. Miles insists on his blog that if you get really stoned, both L'altra and Tristeza seem really good. Either way, my scrawn will be mopping the ones and twos with some hip house and Supertramp for the players and the skaters.

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