January 29, 2005


This could become my favorite blog . One could say that a blog mocking pr shills might be easy targeting to the nth, but really, speaking as someone who has spent the last 11 years writing press releases and promotional copy for a meager living, it's about time someone made a blog deconstructing the overstatements and sicklingly gratitous nuzzle of it all. Kudos to you promo-bot, for your brave foray.

The rascal kitten Monkey chewed through the dsl-line, so I am at the Atomix coffee shop near my home. I am sitting close-enough-to-listen distance from a new couple, the man is discussing his thoughts on recently meeting the woman's mother, and his unease with the mother's overbearing, suspect niceness, her deceptively "Aunt Bea quality".Whoa, pony, whoa. The girl is laughing , tittering uncomfortably. Maybe she hates her mother to death, cos she is still holding his hand with both her hands. His shirt is bottoned tightly all the way to his adam's apple and he does not look at her when she talks, but her gaze never leaves him. I loathe this date of theirs.

That is all I have to share, good evening and good night.

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