January 28, 2005


I saw Turing Machine last night and I got sidecramps from crazy-dancin'. The guy next to me was much a-do wif hi-karate air manuevers like it was Oi!-Fest 89 at the Piddle, NH Elk's Club. He was even doing this enthusiastic aggro-thumbs-up between songs. I love it when musiclove retards all sense of decorum and we turn into fresh baby dorks, lunaticing over the kraut-rock band.

I also have this to say: I would move to New York only if Jerry Fuchs would be my drum teacher, and I had it on good authority that one day I could play at least half as furiously as him. Jesus made Jerry Fuchs special. My former Challengerbandmate, Noah Leger, who is like some twin spawn of Jerry Fuchs and Don Cab's Damon Che, he was next to me at the show, and I think he was choked up. In my case it is true, all music journalists are frustrated funna be musicians. I am a no-confidence gtrist who never practiced because all I really wanted was to be a baby Bonham, like the rest. Secondly, I would almost be willing to take a corpor-shill job if it meant I would have the ching to be able to afford all six pedals, the Rat rack, screamy-siren Orange cab that Justin was playing last night. With a Peavey Roadmaster head. I used to have a Peavey Roadmaster, bought it for $200 from a pawn shop in Hollywood, because Dave Stone said thats was the de rigeur Thurston Moore equip-peice c. Daydream Nation. It was 200 watts, and even when I played shows, it was lethal to turn it up past 2 on the volume dial, and weighed so much it took at least two people to carry it. But that might have just been cos I was just a sissy girl in a band with other sissy, underfed people.

PS. Speaking of underfed sissies rolling deep, Miles and I are djing at the Tristeza/ L'Altra showdown at Empty Bottle on Sunday, for Binoculars III. I will be playing M.I.A. and the Doobies, and maybe some Metallica, because it would be deeply inna-props, and I am still on that "confrontational" tear that I started off strong with in 89. Shit is $8 and 21 plus. Come if yr already going, otherwise, hold out til the parties that Becca and I are throwing in March.

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