January 27, 2005

Dept of Corrections and / Communications in Brief!

Amy Phillips writes and says it's not Caryn Ganz, but rather Caryn Brooks doing double duty funny town snaps and hijinx up in her blogulation.

Conor Oberst writes and says he in fact does know how to skateboard, hates being white and enjoys long early morning walks along the Jersey Shore, jello shots and bell hooks' Talking Back, Talking Black before bedtime.

Ben Fasman writes saying that his mom reads my blog to keep up on his goings on.

Joan Hiller writes and says "have you ever thought about the fact that US WEEKLY is the most misnamed magazine ever? it should clearly be called THEM WEEKLY. anyway."

Teeter Sperber, of the 718 Imaginary Linguistics Club, called to say she's "rill surry" for not getting back to us, but she's been "totally in the weeds all week" and her "sosh life is totally rubber banded" these days and she's "totes sars" and will be in better touch. With all of us.

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