January 26, 2005


Amy Phillips's blog , which is also half-sorta Caryn Ganz' blog, is all drum rolls and screamy giggles and oh-snap that's binoculars, it'll make you want to beg to do drops on their mixtapes, and get drunk and flirt with them hard, lean in and whisper whiskey breathed on their napes little jokes and about the time you were standing outside North6 at 4am, trying to get your near-carnal desire to dance to disco til dawn off yr brain, and Partymanica dared Jonah Weiner to freestyle and instead Jonah did a too-perfect immitation of an Aesop Rock song about a squirrel wearing a seatbelt and how Jonah was wearing tight leather gloves, which was much more OJ than, say, Chromeo.

Which is to say, this is what I would do if I got to hang out with Amy Phillips. Which is to say Amy writes for Hit it or Quit it. Which is to remind you that the younger girl writers at any weekly in America are the foot soldiers, because the j.d. (job descrip) always includes being the ones editorial will trot out to pony the unpopular and harsh but unspeakable opinions held by editors and older writers who cannot risk rep to sling them arrows themselves. Ask around, it's the secret truth with no name, the juniour staffer feminine mystique, papi.

So, much propulation to Ms. Phillips, and also that hot spark Ms. Ganz -- for using "pazzjopping" as a verb.

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