January 23, 2005


We had a mini blizzard. I am dissapointed in it's mini-ness and that the snow is only up to my knees and that the city plowed my street today. I had ideas today about making a facsimilie snow-brick maker out of a shoebox, but alas! - there is not a shoebox in my house. As a child, I had a snowbrick maker, and would make igloos in the yard, that were only big enough for me to sit still in. Igloos, defying all common logic, are actually warm. I was seven, and already desiring emancipation from my parents and their devotion to my just born sister, and when I built my igloos, it was always with the intention that perhaps I could live out the winter in my own snowfort, accessing the house through a series of tunnels TBC (to be constructed). Craig Finn once told me about how his sister and he both asked for EZ bakes ovens for Xmas, because they thought that that would allow them to cook their own meals, liberated from their parents and consisting on a diet of cakes and brownies baked by a lightbulb.

Tellingly, the ideas about how to get free and independent that I shuffle around these days are just as redonkuliss as they were in 1984, and taking up residence in my yard sounds like a hell of a plan, still.

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